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The most basic of the commercial real estate capital structure, Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC arranges long term financing with terms ranging from five years and going out as long as 40 years if the asset calls for it. Amortization schedules vary form 15 to 40 years, and on many occasions can be on an interest only basis as well. This type of loan is available for almost every property type nationwide.
For deals that require repositioning, and especially in a low index environment, floating rate debt has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in the maximization of a property’s potential. A variety of indices can be used; prime, LIBOR, or the annual trailing of the one month treasury issue; available for multi family only. Typically, these loans have been on an interest only basis.
Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC provides construction loans for almost all property types; whether floating over LIBOR or PRIME leverage can be as high as 92% of all construction costs; both hard and soft. On select occasion, in the case of construction for a rental property, some lenders will lock the rate for the entire term of the loan; the construction periods included, and then convert the loan into a permanent loan upon stabilization of the asset.
These loans, secured by the partnership interest, have proven themselves to be invaluable, in that they provide debt not otherwise available conventionally, and minimize the clients’ exposure of capital into any one deal.

Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC

Having entered into the world of commercial real estate finance back in March of 1994, Michael Edery Founded Paradigm Funding in December of 1999 as a full service commercial mortgage firm, to service the borrowing needs of clients, and to insure that their ability to capitalize on the debt available was fully maximized. In 2008 the name Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC was adapted to better portray the company’s primary objectives. Since its formation, Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC has arranged in the billions of first mortgage and mezzanine financing, for various property types located all across the continental United States. In that we act strictly as intermediaries to the lenders, it affords us the opportunity to place the loan with a lender that will be most suitable for the property at hand, and enables us to offer the most competitive and aggressive product.

Mr. Edery Principal, Managing Member

Mr. Edery embarked on his journey into the world of real estate in March of 1994 as an associate in acquisitions for a New York City based real estate equity group, with the bridge and short-term lending division under his leadership, to the point where they were considered one of the most prominent sources for hard money. In January of 1996 with the increasing demand, and availability of, conventional financing, Mr. Edery joined a New York City based commercial mortgage firm, where he was an associate and remained at that firm until December of 1999. In December of 1999, Mr. Edery founded Paradigm Commercial Real Estate LLC which he has subsequently built to become a nationally recognized name that enjoys a sterling reputation among; borrowers and lenders alike.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:
I have had the pleasure of working with Michael several times over the past 5 years on a number of different projects; many of which were extremely complex, large scale transactions. His constant level of expertise and professionalism have been instrumental to the success of these ventures. I hope to work with him for many years to come”
John Pitera
Commercial Property Specialist
Michael is great at what he does. He’s knowledgeable, diligent, and straight-forward. His experience serves him well across many real estate asset classes and markets. It is truly a pleasure to work with him.”
David Stein
Oppenheimer Finance

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